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Essence of Kythera

There can always be a secret destination

Villa Lemonia is a small traditional Guesthouse in the countryside heart of Kythera island next to Aroniadika and Pitsinades settlements. It combines excellent architectural elements of the island's tradition with the ease, the sweet detail and the modern decoration and aesthetics. The entire complex is masonry in the traditional style and follows the architectural touch of the mansions of old Kythera. It incorporates three big arches which blend harmoniously.  

Three deluxe rooms ready to welcome you open from June to October. 

Villa Lemonia living starts with architecture that uses what nature has to offer and has the least of environmental impact. 

A quiet place built only from stone and wood materials. The villa unfolds in different relax areas for every residency so as you can still get a sea-view from our terrace or to the country side from your veranda. 

Our goal was to give to Villa Lemonia a natural sense of the surroundings and also a true sense of home. 

We always strive to make every guest feel at ease, relax and make the most out of their experience.

In the embrace of nature. Enjoy Kythera island.   


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"The cherry on the cake that makes your holiday even more perfect"

Isabel (Belgium)

"The elegance of the traditional greek architecture and furniture is impressive. The apartment is very clean and well refined in

every detail"

Francesco & Serena (Italy)


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