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Search Travellers Award 2021 - Villa Lemonia Guesthouse

Updated: Apr 16, 2021

Thanks to all of you, we are still one of the best travellers choices for accommodation in Kythera island.

We don't exactly believe in numbers, we rather believe in our guests, that recognise real and our hosting philosophy through 15+ years of experience. We created through the years, our way of being hosts to a small Guesthouse, based on slow living hospitality and every year from June to end of September we trying hard to deliver it with success, to all our guests in Villa Lemonia. This year was very different for all of the world, and especially for travelling and travellers. Our habits and wants, effected from Covid-19 rules and most of the travels planed was canceled or postponed. Kythera island was a almost a covid free place during last summer, even that thousands of people visited. It was a lovely summer even that was different for everybody.

In the start of this year, we have to thank all of you for being patient, open to the reality and enjoyed your stay in Villa Lemonia.

Every summer goal for us is to be better and share with all of you, our passion for Kythera secrets and beauty, delivering our wish to you to enjoy our island to the max.

Keep safe and see you soon in Kythera island.


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